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Moth Infestations can cause extensive damage to your property’s interior and exterior. Moths can chew through clothing and dry goods, causing extensive and costly damage. For Moth Extermination Services, contact Pest Control Surry Hills and get your booking now. We are experts to deal with moths and provide Moth Control Surry Hills services.

We provide tailored treatments and preventative advice based on our extensive knowledge of moth species. Whether your home is infested by pantry moths or cloth moths, we can provide a variety of solutions to get the infestation under control. We offer a range of methods, from targeted insecticides and fumigation to chemical-free ‘heat pod’ treatments that eliminate moths, larvae, and eggs from delicate objects and treasures.

Pest Control Surry Hills can provide Moth Control In House and then provide you with methods to prevent them from returning.

Is an infestation of pantry moths or clothes moths evident?

Moths have variety, but cloth moths and pantry moths are the most common. Both moths leave different signs of their habitation. Some evident signs of moth infestation are:

Cloth Moth

These moths are found in clothes. They attack animal-based clothing and upholstery. Wool, silk, and fur are all materials that will attract them. It is possible that you are dealing with a Case Making or Webbing Clothes Moth if you notice holes in your clothing or any similar damage. Woollen materials are preferred by Webbing Moths. While feeding, they usually hide in woollen fabric. They feed in silk cases that they construct from the fibres and silk of the infested garment. In either case, they chew clothes leaving holes and droppings.

Pantry Moth

They are usually found in your kitchen cabinet, drawer, or pantry. Food items they eat include grains, nuts, flour, spices, and chocolate. Their cocoons, web-like materials, and droppings will contaminate food. Eggs laid by Pantry Moths in grains, processed foods, and stored food items can infect them. Infested food packages offer entry to other pests. Upon hatching, eggs become larvae, whose growth continues until you eradicate them.

How harmful are moths?

Moths can damage many items in your home, including clothes, food, and other things. Since they do not bite, even when adults, moths pose no threat to humans. Aside from not being aggressive insects, they fly away when approached. Some reasons why they are problematic:

1. Infestations emerge quickly

In seven days, a moth can lay up to 300 eggs. Besides their rapid growth, Moth Infestations may also spread into almost any space, as moths are attracted to cracks, holes, and crevices. Moths can damage a wide range of household items within a short space of time.

2. Illness caused by them

When we consume items contaminated with moth feces and cocoons, we get ill. Dermatitis may also be caused by moths, which can cause swelling, small red bumps, itchy skin, and redness.

3. Damage caused by them

Cloth Moth Infestations are often detected by damage to clothes, carpets, and fabrics. Moths don’t consume these items, but their larvae do. A longer infestation showed more damage to fabrics.

4. Allergy Reaction

Moth Infestation can cause an allergic reaction when touching foods or fabrics. It’s the wings of moths that cause the problem. Small scales cover them, which fall off upon contact with other objects. Airborne allergens are then formed. Direct contact with their fecal matter can lead to allergies.

Finish Moth In Three Steps: Call Us Now

The presence of a moth infestation is easier to detect. You will notice damaged natural textiles or infested food packages. Call Pest Control Surry Hills when you notice the signs of an infestation and schedule a Pest Control Moth appointment. We offer all benefits regarding Moth Control Surry Hills services.

1. Moth Inspection

The extent of the infestation will be determined by a thorough examination of your property. A Moth Control expert will examine your storage unit, kitchen cabinet, pantries, and carpeting if you suspect pantry moths. If you suspect cloth moths, your bedroom, furniture, closet, and carpets will be examined. 

2. Specific Chemical Treatment

Our Moth Caterpillar Control experts will use a specified insecticide that will eliminate the entire life cycle of the pest including eggs, larvae, and adults. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the expert may need to apply pesticides. It’s best to vacate the property while service is conducted.

3. Moth Prevention Advice

Our service does not end with the treatment, you will also get some practical tips to prevent future infestations. Ensure you inspect your space for moths, and act promptly if you find anything out of the ordinary.

Why Are We Famous For The Best Moth Infestation Solution In Surry Hills?

The service standards at Pest Control Surry Hills make us stand out. The following features make our Moth Control Surry Hills services the best option for you:

  • Certified moth control solutions

The use of treatment methods that are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and safe for our customers, and community.

  • Qualified Local Experts

Our Moth Exterminators are experienced professionals. They strive for perfection in every project.

  • Short-notice appointments availability

Dedicated Pest Control staff available 7 days, with same-day and next-day appointments available.

  • Savings of up to $40

Our customers throughout Surry Hills can use our Affordable Moth Pest Control Service and save up to $40 on every booking.

  • Follow-up treatments

We can arrange follow-up visits upon request. Follow-up visits will differ by infestation level and treatment type.

  • Local Team Surry Hills

We have the expertise to deal with moths and other pests, backed by years of experience in this region. We undergo regular training to remove moths safely and effectively.

Contact us today to find out which method is most effective for eradicating moths and book any Moth Control Surry Hills service to make your property protected against moths.


Q. Does anything kill moths?

Moths can be trapped and killed with flypaper and fish oil. Many moths can die without any reason. But hiring professional pest controllers for Moth Control Surry Hills is a better option. 

Q. What is the lifespan of moths?

Female moths live for 40-45 days, while male moths can live for up to 80-90 days.

Q. Are moths harmful to humans?

Humans won’t get bitten by moths or suffer any direct illness from them, but they can cause allergies or rashes. They can spread bacteria and germs. 

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