How To Prepare Yourself For Ant Control

Everyone has problems from ants and pests which are very common but there is a bit more problem  that is how to get rid from them and there are many things which help out in getting rid from these ants and pests. But the one major problem is also there: what are those things and how to prepare them. Nowadays many people use manufactured medicines or ant killing agents. There  are very few people who use homemade things to keep ants away. Now here are some important homemade remedies or pest treatment for ants so that they leave the home and we can live comfortably.

Ants Control
Ants Control

There are many best pest control ways through which we can prepare ant control.

  1. Use turmeric powder

There is an easy way that you should only have raw turmeric through which you can prepare the turmeric powder by  mashing it. This is the easiest and the best way to prepare ant control by yourself which is also very  effective. 

  1. Use neem, Tulsi,  & ashwagandha

If you want something harder or more effective then you can prepare paste of neem’s  leaf and spread it all over the area where you see the ants. This paste includes neem, Tulsi,  ashwagandha and many more which are mashed very properly. So that there should be a finest  powder/paste that you can apply on the area where we see the ants. 

  1. Lemon juice

There is one more way to  prepare and control yourself. You have to make lemon juice which detract the ants from  sugar. Squeez the number of lemons to prepare juice. This way may be costly for you due to the price of lemons but I have some best or alternative ideas to prepare ant control. 

  1. Use cloves 

The alternative is that everyone would have cloves in their houses. So you only have to crush all the cloves slightly and make a hard powder. Now add some water in the powder  through which we can get a liquid substance and that liquid substance will be your any control which you can apply on the corners of walls or to the holes of ants so that they could not come again. 

  1. Use mixture of borax, sugar & water

Sometimes , some people are privileged by everything. Then they can prepare ant control  by making a solution of ½ teaspoon borax, 7 teaspoons sugar and warm water. Stir it until borax  and sugar dissolved. So now take cotton balls and dip in the solution and your control is ready  to use. Keep those cotton balls at a place where more and more ants are collecting so that they can  not spoil your sweets, sugar and food also. 


As we all know there are many types of ants which  can go away by different-different pest control methods. All the ideas which are written above have their own advantages and disadvantages. So you have to apply any idea by your circumstances. There  can be many ways but most people use the above written ideas.