Common Termite Related Diseases

If you have a termite infestation in your home then there can be various health-related issues that you may come across. Apart from termite droppings, they also have a problem as they create a lot of molds and this also can be harmful to health. If there is a termite colony is your premise or you suspect that there is one, you must immediately call for a termite inspection.

termite inspection
termite inspection
  1. Termites cause allergies in humans

As such, termites rarely sting humans or directly cause some health issues, but yes, they can cause allergies in humans. They create mud tubes and mold and this can be bad for human health. There can be allergic reactions like asthma, itching, cols, cough, etc.

  1. Termites can sting rarely but the sting might lead to pain

Termites would sting very rarely, even though this does not lead to any illness, there is too much pain that one has to face. Termite sting can lead to swelling of tissues or inflammation in the affected area.

  1. Myiasis

The larvae of flies can lead to myiasis. In this, if there is an infected tissue or an open wound, then the larvae of flies can create an infestation in this. In many cases, it is reported that patients get oral myiasis.

  1. Respiratory health issues

As discussed above, termites can produce too much mold. People who have a compromised immune system or those with some respiratory issues would catch respiratory conditions too quickly. If you happen to see termite infestation indoors then this can be a warning sign that you should do something about the same. Even though directly there might not be any diseases carrying. But, there can be severe allergies and hence one should be pretty alert in this regard.

Both elders and children might get affected by the presence of termites on the premises. Thus, whether it is a home or an office one should get ahead with pest treatment.

If you think that you wish to get access to the right solutions then you must get rid of the termites. Find a reliable pest control company and tell them to come and do a termite inspection. If the pest control specialist comes across these basic things then he would know what should be the next step. But the entire pest prevention and termite removal program should start with termite inspection.


Although, the presence of termites might not affect pets, for humans this has to be an alarming thing. Having allergic reactions and getting ill for such reasons need to be controlled. It is in your control. Thus, call for a reliable and reputed pest control expert and see how he will get ahead with termite inspection. This will surely work for you and it can be a better option for sure. Exposure to termites and mold due to the same can be harmful. So, be ready to take the right action. This can bring in better avenues and you can take things to the next level. Protect and prevent your premise and get the best solutions. Contact Us Today and Make an Appointment.